Shelf Ready Packaging Equipment

Interpack 2017

Starts: Thursday, 4th May 2017
Ends: Wednesday, 10th May 2017

Date of event
Thursday 4th - Wednesday 10th May 2017
Name of event
Interpack 2017
Location of event
Dusseldorf   Germany
Description of event
The leading Trade Fair for Processing and Packaging
Confitech 1 A29, Dumoulin 1 B17, Euromec 1 B29
Gebo Cermex 13 C47, Hastamat 15 B42, Loesch 15 A41, H-D-M  3 E07
Hildebrand 2 E16, MFG 1 D02, Oka 3 E302, Sollich 3 B07, Chocotech 3 A07
Vormenfabriek 2 D16,  UVA 15 C27, WDS 03 C07, Wenger 1 A08, WP 3 D07
Event website address
Chocolate Processing
Allied Industries
Packaging Solutions
Allied Industries
Bar Production Lines
Allied Industries