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UM Universal Mills

UM Universal MillsGrinding is one of the most frequent tasks in the processing industry, whether it is to obtain the largest possible surface for downstream reactions or a certain particle size to influence your application characteristics.
The success of a grinding process essentially depends on the feed stock. Therefore a product specific selection of the mill equipment is required.
Flexible in their use, Bauermeister grinding systems operate successfully in a wide range of applications where grinding of products with a hardness of approx. 4-5 Mohs (sugar, cacoa, spices, nuts, baking additives, milk powder, gelatin, gypsum, silicon metal powder, limestone).
Bauermeister universal mills and grinding systems are characterised by:
  • Tried and true technology conforming to the latest safety standards; complete explosion protection, designed for 10 bar explosion pressure in accordance with European Union Directive 94/9 
  • Flexible fineness via easy to change and combinable grinding tools along with variable rotational speeds. 
  • 7 sizes for diverse performance requirements 
  • High reliability and sturdy mechanical design 
  • Maintenance-friendly with low downtimes
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