Process Technology

Chocolate moulds and sugar grinding machines are some examples of the process technology that Allied Industries supplies. More broadly we also provide:


  • Chocolate processing, moulding, enrobing and coating equipment and lines
  • Complete confectionery and candy cooking systems
  • Integrated chocolate enrobing, tempering and cooling lines
  • Complete forming lines for muesli bars and health bars
  • Starch and starchless depositing systems for jellies, marshmallow, Turkish delight, caramels and fondants.
  • Sugar confectionery kitchen and production equipment
  • Bar production lines
  • Fine grinding machinery for food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries



We are agents for:



Sollich Sollich (Bad Salzuflen, Germany) Visit Website


  • Chocolate tempering, enrobing and associated equipment including decorators, cooling tunnels
  • Bar forming lines including forming and cooling drums, guillotine cutters, slitters and spreaders, cooling tunnels.
  • Specialized depositors and coaters for ice-cream, caramel, nuts
Conbar Confectionery Bar Equipment Conbar Equipment and Lines for Cereal Bars Conbar Lines for Fruit Bars and Fruit Products Cutting Systems Miniconbar

Chocotech (Wernigerode, Germany) Visit Website

Complete range of confectionery cooking equipment including:


  • Universal and batch vacuum cookers
  • Continuous toffee cookers
  • Equipment for jelly, hard candy, caramel, fondant and croquant
  • Chocolate tempering, enrobing, depositing and associated equipment



Molded Fiber Glass Tray

Molded Fiber Glass Tray Company (Linesville, Pennsylvania, USA) Visit Website



Twin And Single Screw Extruders

Wenger (Kansas, USA) Visit Website


  • Extruded pet food / fish feed plants and animal feed processing equipment
  • Extruded breakfast cereals and snack food plants
  • Twin and Single Screw Extruders
  • Dryers, Coolers and Coating equipment
  • Extru-Tech extruders for the processing of soya beans




Euromec (Martinengo, Italy) Visit Website


  • Sugar confectionery machinery, including die forming machines and heads
  • Lollipop and bubblegum and chewing gum production lines



Ruffinatti / Confitech

Ruffinatti / Confitech (Torino, Italy) Visit Website


  • Sugar confectionery machinery
  • Automatic chocolate panning, Belt Coaters in stainless steel construction.




Dumoulin (Brie, France) Visit Website    Photos of 3 Dumoulin  Products


  • Automated panning systems for sugar coated products - dragees, nonpareil, sugared almonds (bonbonniere), sugar panning of pharmaceutical products
  • Fully automating chocolate panning for chocolate almonds; chocolate fruit and nuts, lentils (such as Smarties and M&M’s), puffed product (such as Maltesers)
  • Coating, polishing and glazing of product all in one pan




Bauermeister (Norderstedt, Germany) Visit Website


  • Fine grinding machines and complete installations for milling or grinding sugar into icing sugar or grinding or milling granulated sugar into powdered sugar, chocolate processing where the grinding of sugar into icing sugar is one of the steps in the process, as well as for ingredients used within food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
  • Air classifiers for tasks that require ultra-fine particle sizes or particle distribution free from coarse material
  • Accurate crushing of brittle to medium-hard products using the corrugated Bauermeister Roller Mill are offered for coarse sugar milling and the milling or crushing a range of other ingredients and materials
UM Universal Mills GM Gap Mill UCOM Compact Grinding System CL Classifier Roll Crusher
WDS - Winkler und Dünnebier Süßwarenmaschinen

WDS - Winkler und Dünnebier Süßwarenmaschinen (Rengsdorf, Germany) Visit Website


  • Chocolate moulding plants
  • Sugar confectionery depositors
  • Starch mogul plants




Vormenfabriek (Tilburg, Holland) Visit Website


  • Polycarbonate chocolate moulds and chocolate novelty spinning moulds
  • Silicon rubber moulds for sugar confectionery
  • Plastic plaques




Hildebrand (Felben-Wellhausen, Switzerland) Visit Website


  • Mould washing equipment



Werner & Pfleiderer

Werner & Pfleiderer (Tamm, Germany) Visit Website


  • Industrial Bakery Technologies.
  • Biscuit and Cake Ovens.


Supplier of mixers, sheeters, laminators, moulders, ovens, cooling, aligning and feeding equipment for the production of biscuits - hard or soft, crackers and crisp breads.


  • Croutons and bread crumbs lines
  • Cakes, muffins and croissants
  • Sticks - solid or filled, straight or twisted


Werner & Pfleiderer Industrial Bakery Technologies - for more than 125 years have developed, manufactured, installed and maintained complete production lines for the above products. Our core activity within the WP Bakery Group are "industrial solutions" for the production of biscuits, cakes and associated products.

Hard Biscuit Lines Soft Pretzel Lines Cake Lines Crispbread Lines

Wachtel (Hilden, Germany) Visit Website


  • Modern Bakery OVENS





GEMA / C.E.L. Visit Websites (CEL Lecco, Gema Powder Coating)

GEMA / C.E.L supply automated sprinkling and spraying systems for sugar, salt, and all fine granular food materials. Their spraying systems use a unique electrostatic technology which minimises dust and waste and ensures an even and accurate coating of products. Typical applications are surface spraying of sugar onto biscuits, cakes and pastries. Other applications include spraying of:

  • Anhydrous glucose
  • Starches
  • Cocoa
  • Encapsulated cocoa
  • Flour
  • Non-stick powders
  • Salt
  • Powdered gelatine



Oka Visit Websites: [English version]

OKA-Spezialmaschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG
A company with a long history of designing and building machines for the Bakery, Confectionery and Pet Treat Industries.

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Chocolate Equipment


Allied Industries are proud to provide the following equipment for our clients


  • Chocolate equipment processing, moulding, enrobing and coating and wrapping
  • Sugar confectionery equipment : kitchen and production equipment


Our range of chocolate equipment we have available includes: chocolate, sugar confectionery and health bar production machinery.


A good example of a chocolate equipment product is the Chocoform® PSL for chocolate tempering:


It is designed for manufacturing lentils, balls, eggs or coffee beans out of chocolate. Tempered chocolate is fed between two 400 mm ∅ below 0°C cooled embossed rollers. A slab of product with a "chocolate skin" between the shapes is then formed.


To learn more about this process:



Cooling Tunnels


Cooling tunnels for chocolate are extremely important, and are now equipped with a new temperature control system (patented), which adjusts the tunnel temperature according to the heat load. This system always ensures optimum product gloss on the finished articles.


An example is the Sollich cooling tunnel: Sollich have a reputation for being reliable and economical. Experience and the latest scientific research have resulted in the current cooling tunnel design to improve cooling efficiency and product quality.


Some of our clients:


  • Pink Lady Chocolates
  • Praline Chocolates
  • Ernest Hillier



Chocolate Tempering Machine


The manufacturing programme available for clients now ranges from forming, extruding, slitting & cutting equipment to fully automatic enrobing machines, cooling tunnels, chocolate tempering machines as well as depositing lines for confectionery products. Complete bar lines, consisting of the above-mentioned machines, are assembled professionally with SOLLICH machinery for every bar product.



Dimensions in Chocolate Tempering


Chocolate tempering machines are at the core of every chocolate processing system. This is the stage where the basis for a quality product is formulated. German firm SOLLICH offers the appropriate machine for every application. The goal is to achieve a product that lasts, maximum shine, good snap and a solution that is resistant to heat.


Case study


The development of the first Minitemper machine over 25 years ago was a landmark accomplishment. Since then, over 1,000 machines have been constructed and are in continual use for fully automated, on-going chocolate tempering. The original design of this compact tempering machine has been duplicated many times, without ever attaining the reliability of the original product.


Research and development by SOLLICH have now provided another new development, the Minitemper® Turbo. This machine achieves the first-class tempering quality of our famous Turbotemper® device, and is fully protected by patents. It has now achieved the status of being the most successful tempering system used in the world today. Stable beta crystals ensure outstanding gloss and shelf life.



Sugar Confectionery Equipment


We at Allied Industries can also offer sugar confectionery equipment for our clients. Sugar confectionery equipment may be sub-divided between kitchen and production equipment.


Our suppliers have equipment and systems for the production of hard candy, sugar-free candy, chewing-gum and sugar-free chewing gum, chewy-toffee and chewy-candy, and hard and filled-ball lollipops.


Examples of such equipment are


  • A Sigma mixer
  • Centre filling machine
  • Double worm extruder


From sugar grinding to flow wrap machines, Allied Industries is there to assist with your broader processing technology and packaging system requirements. Outside of that we also supply natural vanilla flavour ingredients suitable for confectionery and other food-related products


For further information about chocolate moulds, flow wrap machines or your other processing technology and packaging system requirements phone +61 2 9437 0388.


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