Packaging Systems



  • Stand-alone packaging machines
  • Automated packaging systems for confectionery, baked goods and other food products

We are agents for:


Euromec Euromec (Bergamo, Italy) Visit Website



  • Lollipop forming and wrapping machines





Cermex Cermex (Dijon, France) Visit Website



  • Automatic case-packing and high speed shrink-wrapping machinery
  • Robotic loading equipment for food, healthcare and pharmaceutical products
  • Palletizing equipment
  • Complete end of line packaging installations


Loesch Pack Loesch Pack (Altendorf, Germany) Visit Website



  • LOESCH PACK offers a wide, high-quality range of machines for packaging of confectionery, chocolate and dry baked goods, as well as chewing gum and non-food products
  • LOESCH PACK supplies feeding systems for packaging, Robotic pick and place systems, Tray loading systems for biscuit and cookies, Roll wrapping and stick wrapping machines, Wrapping machines for chocolate blocks, Chocolate block wrapping machines using foil and paper, or foil and cardboard, Fold wrapping machines for moulded chocolate products, Carton erecting and filling machines, Complete packaging lines for biscuits, chocolate tablets, and chewing gum. Innovative packaging designs.



Hastamat (Lahnau, Germany) Hastamat (Lahnau, Germany) (Lahnau, Germany) Visit Website



  • HASTAMAT specialises in Multi-head weighers and vertical form/fill/seal machines, with special experience in delicate handling of stick shaped products. Pretzels, coffee and sugar sticks, pencils and similarly shaped products all receive gentle and accurate handling and dosing. Counting systems for stick shaped products into vertical FFS bags.
  • HASTAMAT supplies integrated feeding, weighing and loading systems for fabricated chips (Pringle style). Complete turnkey lines for stackable chips, from the exit of the fryer to loading into the cans.




Wrapping Machines


Allied Industries places a strong emphasis on the delivery of quality chocolate packaging and wrapping machines that conform to the following guidelines:


  • Easy access to all sections
  • Excellent chocolate wrapping quality
  • Simple changeover eg: biscuit packaging
  • High hygiene of chocolate packaging by separation of drive and product areas
  • Quick cleaning and maintenance through optimum accessibility
  • Precision use of packaging materials eg: biscuit packaging


Health Bar Manufacturing Line


Allied Industries in Sydney NSW plays an active role in the health bar manufacturing line market, such as chocolate packaging. Our suppliers provide quality biscuit packaging and other lines for our Australian and New Zealand clients.


One of Allied's primary suppliers of the health bar manufacturing line is the German company, Sollich. The Sollich Conbar® line is the unrivalled market leader in cereal bar manufacturing thanks to its enormous flexibility.


Conbar® roller formers allow:


  • Direct feed from the cooking plant or the mixer without the need for interim cooling
  • Cooling and moulding in a single machine
  • Gentle moulding without pressure, without changing the weight or structure of the mass
  • Easy changeover between products or changes to the product mass


From natural vanilla flavour to chocolate moulds, sugar grinding and flow wrap machines, Allied Industries is there to assist with whatever your processing technology and packaging system requirements are. For further information phone +61 2 9437 0388.


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