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At Allied Industries, we supply Sollich's Miniconbar - a small machine used in R & D laboratories or by growing companies.


The Miniconbar is easy to operate and can be straightforwardly hand-fed from a batch cooking system. It has a very flexible system that can be used for the following food products:


  • Cereal and muesli bars
  • Fat based products
  • Soft and high boiled sugar materials
  • Aerated fat and sugar masses
  • Special mixtures of cereals, nuts and fruit bars


For manufacturers looking to step-up from a manual cooling table operation it is the ideal choice. The Miniconbar permits the direct feeding from either a cooking plant or mixer and rules out the need for intermediate cooling so no cold tables are necessary. With a Miniconbar the cooling and forming of bars is done in a single machine plus they have been made in a way to allow for the easy changeover of products. The forming of the product is gentle and there's no force involved so there's no change in the weight or structure of the product's mass. Like all of Sollich's machinery it is easy to clean and maintain.


Cereals Solution


The Miniconbar demonstrates its real forte when it is forming slabs of cereal bars. This is done through the exact fine-tuning of the slab width plus the related calibration to ensure there is minimum weight disparity in the finished product. Multi-layer bars can also be produced with additional layers of topping such as caramel or yogurt. The Miniconbar can also be used to make a half round profile bar with a profiling roller.




The Miniconbar can be supplemented with cooling tunnels, mixers, chocolate equipment and cutting systems. Suitable and quality cooking equipment by CHOCOTECH - a Sollich owned subsidiary company is available.




From chocolate mould to sugar grinding machines, Allied Industries can assist you with all your confectionary supply and service needs. Be it your chocolate panning or flow wrap machine requirements or even if you just need to stock up on natural vanilla flavour we can help. Phone us on +61 2 9437 0388 or contact us online for more information.

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