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Cutting Systems

Cutting Systems


At Allied Industries we supply our Australian and New Zealand customers with Sollich's quality range of guillotines and cutting systems.


This is German-made equipment that has been specifically developed so to reach the high requirements of modern praline or bar manufacturing lines. The main characteristics of Sollich's super hygienic designs are:


  • Easy to cleaning and maintain
  • Reliable
  • xtremely accurate cutting
  • Easy changeover between product sizes


More Sollich versions



Allied Industries supplies a large variety of Sollich slitters which cut slabs of materials during the manufacturing of various confectionery bars such as those with high fat content or those made from cereal or sugar materials.



These are used to space out sticky products or to position them just before they are covered with chocolate.


Guillotine Cutters Type SGU

This is a guillotine that has an overhead mechanical drive that allows easy maintenance and robust cleaning. It has a digital display or the synchronised cut length and the knife's speed can be easily adjusted when needed.


High-Performance Guillotine Type SGH

The SGH is able to do 800 cuts per minute and a cut length can be as short as 4mm. This type of guillotine can also be supplied in a double guillotine version allowing for twice as much output.


High-Performance Guillotine Type SGS

The computerised SGS provides modern cutting technology and ease of operation. Its design integrates a servo-driven cutting knife or reciprocating knives. It has an output of up to 160 cuts per minute.


Ultrasonic Cutting Systems

This guillotine suits difficult to cut products such as those that are soft or those with fillings.




Phone Allied Industries on +61 2 9437 0388 or contact us online for more information. We have an expert crew in Artarmon (Sydney) who are able to assist with all your confectionary supply and service needs. So no matter if it's concerning chocolate panning or powder spraying equipment or your broader chocolate equipment needs or even to stock up on vanilla flavouring we can help.

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