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Conbar Lines for Fruit Bars and Fruit Products

To meet the nutritional demands of modern consumers, the popular fruit and cereal bars on today's market include high vitamin, protein, mineral and fibre content.


Among a range of things affected by the shift in consumers' expectations are an increase of the cost of ingredients which has reinforced the need for efficiency and improvement in the manufacturing process.


Sollich can provide the right equipment to fulfil such needs with its Conbar lines and not only that but we can make sure that we can you have everything you need for production.


At Allied Industries we can supply Conbar roller formers that have a direct feed from the cooker and/or the mixer with no need for cooling. In these Conbar roller formers, the product forming and the cooling is done in a single machine. The bars are also gently formed without pressure and there is no altering of the product shape or the ingredients' structure. The equipment is very easy to handle as is making any product changes.


Other types of Conbar roller formers that we supply can manufacture fruit bars, fruit strips or those popular bars made from fruit puree. The types of rollers include:


  • Type WEB (special) combines a paper unrolling device and a design of worm style extruder for manufacture of fruit rollups
  • WE for the forming of a fruit sandwich between two layers of rice paper
  • WEZK is similar to WE but this is also used for pre-cooling fruit paste


The Conbar fruit bar manufacturing lines that we supply can be supplemented with mixers, cooling tunnels, and also guillotine cutting, right up to the infeed to the packaging system. Many of these applications, the cooking equipment are available from CHOCOTECH - a Sollich owned subsidiary company.




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