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Conbar Equipment and Lines for Cereal Bars

Due to its famed flexibility, the Sollich Conbar line that we supply our customers in Australia and New Zealand is the most outstanding in the arena of cereal bar manufacturing.


This German made line ensures that multi-layered and single layered confectionery bars with an additional layer of topping such as yoghurt or caramel can be made to precise quality and sanitation standards.


Thanks to Sollich's patented technology continuous inline bar weight control is ensured during production. As well as standard oblong bars, through the use of distinct cutting procedures Sollich lines are able to make confectionery bars that have a variety of cross sections.


The Conbar roller formers that we supply allow for the uninterrupted feeding from a cooking plant and/or mixer without the need for any intermediate cooling. The cooling and forming is also done in a single machine. There is a tender and soft forming of the confectionery bars that does not alter the weight or structure of the product's ingredients. On top of that the roller formers have an easy and straightforward process to change products or alter ingredients.


We can also supply special Conbar slab formers for the production of cereal bars such as the:


  • Conbar Type WEB roller former
  • Conbar sizing rollers for adjusting the preformed cereal slab to requisite width and thickness
  • Conbar profiling roller for making a cross sections of calibrated slabs
  • Conbar roller former Type WET for forming a thin topping (i.e. fudge, jam or caramel) on the cereal slab
  • At Allied Industries we have mixers, cooling tunnels, and guillotine cutters that supplement the cereal line. Some of these are obtained through CHOCOTECH - a Sollich owned subsidiary company.




For you confectionary or chocolate equipment manufacturing requirements get in touch with Allied Industries on +61 2 9437 0388, or contact us online. Our expert staff based in Artarmon (Sydney) can provide you with your confectionary supply and service needs, be it about natural vanilla flavour or about the purchase of chocolate moulds and sugar panning and flow wrap and sugar grinding machines.

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