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Conbar Confectionery Bar Equipment

We supply food companies in Australia and New Zealand with an impressive range of Conbar confectionery bar manufacturing equipment made by Sollich.


Engineered and built in Germany, Sollich's Conbar equipment has been designed to be easy to use, clean and maintain.


After more than 30 years of production, Sollich's Conbar range has become an industry leader in the manufacturing of confectionery and health bars.


At their design and engineering facilities in Bad Salzuflen, Sollich are continually modernising their confectionery bar manufacturing equipment while ensuring they remain reliable, user-friendly and flexible.




The Conbar bar manufacturing range is appropriate for nearly all bar line products made from:


  • Fatty masses such as nougats and caramels
  • Soft and hard boiled sugar materials
  • Aerated fatty and sugar masses
  • Mixtures containing nuts, fruits and cereals


Through CHOCOTECH - a Sollich owned subsidiary company - we can also provide a comprehensive assortment of cooking equipment which enables us to best complement Sollich's bar forming equipment.


Allied Industries are also agents for Sollich's Conbar roller formers which are used for:


  • Direct feed from the cooker or the mixer without the need for any intermediate cooling requirements
  • Cooling and forming is completed in a single machine
  • Bar forming is gently and precisely done so the weight or structure of the mass remains the same
  • Easy swapping of product materials or making alterations
  • Creating a heavier distinct layer of caramel/fudge for mixing with raisins, nuts and cereals etc.


Other Conbar Roller Formers


Allied Industries can supply you with a choice of Conbar roller formers for the production of cereal bars where diverse product uses can be simply controlled through changing the arrangement of the forming drums. Currently we supply four types of Conbar roller formers.


We are also agents for other Conbar ranges and CHOCOTECH manufacturing equipment such as mixers, guillotines, cooling tunnels and chocolate enrobers.




So if you looking for confectionery or chocolate equipment for your manufacturing needs get in touch with us. Allied Industries can also assist you a whole gambit of supplies and services - from your natural vanilla flavour requirements to installing a chocolate mould line or an automatic sugar panning system.


We are based in Artarmon (Sydney) and can provide sales and support services on behalf of our first-rate group of prominent equipment suppliers of items such as sugar grinding and flow wrap machines. To find out more please phone us on +61 2 9437 0388, or contact us online.

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