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CL Classifier

CL ClassifierAir classifiers are used for tasks that require ultra-fine particle sizes or particle distribution free from coarse material. The CL series classifiers are characterized by outstanding separation accuracy.
  • Steep fine particle curves with broad cut diameter range 
  • Gentle classification of sensitive products 
  • Reliable operation with sticky products 
  • State of the art technology


  • Simple adjustment of the precise cut diameter by variation of the rotor speed. 
  • Sharp classification characteristic, i.e. constant quality of the fine material, also when using non-uniform feed stock. 
  • The pneumatic sealing of the gap between the classification wheel and separator housing guarantees a grit-free fine material. 
  • Exchangeable classification wheels make possible the use over broad cut diameter ranges. 
  • The optimal flow ducts in the classifier as well as after the classifier pipe permit a classification of sensitive products and products that tend to be sticky. 
  • The optional coarse classification wheel with secondary air supply increases the efficiency.
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