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Sollich Award


As part of their positive support for the confectionery industry in Australia, SOLLICH of Germany make an annual Award to the best student in the practical confectionery subjects at the William Angliss Institute of TAFE in Melbourne.


The Award comprises a perpetual shield and a cash prize of $2,000 and is presented each year at the Australian Industry Group's annual ConTech technical conference.


The Award was the original idea of Pierre Petermann of SAPAL, Switzerland. Pierre worked for over 25 years in the Australian and New Zealand market, selling SAPAL equipment and was a great friend to many in the Australian and New Zealand confectionery industry. So from its’ inception this was simply known as the SAPAL Award. Then in 2004 when the SAPAL company was acquired by BOSCH, the Award was generously taken up by SOLLICH to continue the tradition.


The Award is designed to acknowledge the importance of well-educated and trained students and to encourage graduates to consider making a career in confectionery.


The full list of Sollich Award winners:


  • 2023 - Matthew Little
  • 2022 - Stuart MCQueen Thomson
  • 2021 - Chanel Tiffany Pardoe
  • 2020 - Kirsten Lubitz
  • 2019 - Farrah Megson
  • 2018 - Andrew Taylor
  • 2017 - Nicholas Rey
  • 2016 - NIck Bell
  • 2015 - Stuart Dall
  • 2014 - David Wilson
  • 2013 - Leanne Cook
  • 2012 - (Ruby) Yuk Lam Lo
  • 2011 - Richard Truong
  • 2010 - Saranga Heenkendra
  • 2009 - Jordana Grow
  • 2008 - Tessa Saputra
  • 2007 - Lauren Payne
  • 2006 - Aymee Beeston
  • 2005 - Jane Cathcart
  • 2004 - Anthony Grey
  • 2003 - Melanie Lees
  • 2002 - Quinjie (Jessie) Fu
  • 2001 - Paul Cunningham
  • 2000 - Melissa Odger
  • 1999 - Peter Nicholson
  • 1998 - Angela Mc Kellar
  • 1997 - Erica Mugeli
  • 1996 - Ron Van De Boogoard
  • 1995 - Fiona Barton
  • 1994 - Tina Marusic
  • 1993 - Roger Waite



Matthew Little receiving his Award from Tim Piper and Vic Burley 2023



William Angliss staff and students at Contech 2022



Stuart Thomson accepts his Award in company with Tim Piper, Suresh Vaidyanathan (teacher), Kris Wilson, Wendy Jarvis and Martin Crumpton



Sollich Shield


Chanel Pardoe, from the class of 2021 and winner of the Sollich Award


Chanel Pardoe, from the class of 2021 and winner of the Sollich Award



Wendy together with Farrah and her WAI classmates from the Diploma of Food Science &



Contech 2019


Winner of the 2019 Sollich Award, Farrah Megson, seen receiving her award with Martin

Crumpton, Wendy Jarvis (William Angliss Institute)and Tim Piper, Australian Industry Group.



The winner of the 2018 Award, Andrew Taylor, is seen here being congratulated by Vic

Burley and Wendy Jarvis.



The Award presentation made during the 2017 ConTech Convention at the MCG:  
winner Nicholas Rey is seen together with Wendy Jarvis and Kristine Wilson from the

William Angliss.



Seen here is Nick Bell (holding the Sollich Shield) together with the staff from the William

Angliss Institute. left to right - Wendy Jarvis, Kris Wilson And Rick Byrne.


The 2015 winner, Stuart Dall


The 2015 presentation of the Sollich Award was made during the ConTech convention at

the MCG in Melbourne.


The proud winner Stuart Dall is seen here holding his Award together with (L to R) Paul

Donovan, Technical & Product Development Manager, Fyna Foods Australia; Wendy Jarvis,

Course Administrator William Angliss TAFE; Martin Crumpton, Allied Industries and Tim

Piper, Head - Confectionery, Australian Industry Group.


The 2014 winner, David Wilson


David Wilson from Nestlé, Broadford, was the outstanding candidate for 2014 and is seen

here receiving the Sollich Award from Victor Burley of Allied. Also seen congratulating David

on his win are Kristine Wilson from the William Angliss Institute and Jim Sifonios from

Nestlé, Australia.


The 2013 winner, Leanne Cook


The 2013 winner, Leanne Cook, holding the Sollich Award memorial shield, together with (L

to R): Martin Crumpton, Kristine Wilson, William Angliss Institute, and Carmen Tabone,

Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager - Chocolate, Mars Chocolate Australia.


A large percentage of previous SOLLICH Award winners are now working in the

Confectionery industry.


The 2012 winner, (Ruby) Yuk Lam Lo


The 2012 winner of the Sollich Award, (Ruby) Yuk Lam Lo, being presented her Award
during the Australian Industry Group’s ConTech Conference in Melbourne.

From left to right :
Neil Smith, Kraft Food Australia/New Zealand ; Ruby Lo ;
Colin Garrett, William Angliss Institute ; Martin Crumpton, Allied Industries.


The 2011 winner, Richard Truong


The 2011 winner, Richard Truong, is shown accepting the Award from Tim Piper,
the Victorian Director of the Australian Industry Group,
during the recent ConTech conference in Melbourne.
Also attending are Colin Garrett and Wendy Jarvis,
course administrators from the William Angliss Institute.


Confectionery Equipment


The 2010 winner of the SOLLICH Award is Saranga Heenkendra, seen here accepting the

Award with (left to right): Martin Crumpton, Director of Allied Industries, and Colin Garrett,

Senior Educator at the William Angliss Institute.


Confectionery Industry


Seen here with Martin Crumpton and Ms Jordana Grow (winner 2009) are :
Jane Cathcart (2005) from Corvina Quality Foods, and Anthony Grey (2004)
from Nestle Confectionery.


The 1995 Award.
Martin Crumpton, Pierre Petermann, Viktor Juzi (Managing Director SAPAL) and Bert

Mueller (from William Angliss).


Roger Waite, winner of the first SAPAL Award in 1993, seen here holding the shield,

together with (L to R) Dr Stuart Spencer, head of the Confectionery Manufacturers of

Australasia (CMA), Pierre Petermann, SAPAL; Michael Simmons, owner of Heritage

Chocolates, and Colin Wilson from William Angliss College.



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