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About Allied Industries

From natural vanilla flavour to sugar grinding machines we are the food and confectionery manufacturing supply experts.


Allied Industries was established in 1983 to represent manufacturers of specialist process technology and packaging systems to the food and healthcare industries in Australia and New Zealand.


Allied Industries and its team are members of the Confectionery Manufacturers Association of Australia and New Zealand, the Australian Packaging Machinery Association, the Australian Society of Baking, and the Australian Institute of Engineers.


No matter if it is about chocolate moulds or flow wrap machines, from our base in Artarmon in Sydney, we provide sales and support services as representatives of a select group of leading suppliers.


Distributing Packaging Machinery throughout Australia


Allied Industries was established to represent manufacturers of specialist packaging machinery to Australia's food and healthcare industries. Our team has over 100 years' combined experience in providing reliable and professional advice and solutions to our clients' packaging machinery needs.


Some of the packaging machinery solutions that we offer are:


  • Feeding systems for packaging
  • Robotic loading equipment for food, healthcare and pharmaceutical products
  • Robotic pick and place systems
  • Tray loading systems for biscuit and cookies
  • Roll wrapping and stick wrapping machines
  • Wrapping machines for chocolate blocks
  • Chocolate block wrapping machines using foil and paper, or foil and cardboard
  • Fold wrapping machines for moulded chocolate products
  • Carton erecting and filling machines
  • Complete packaging lines for biscuits, chocolate tablets, and chewing gum
  • Integrated feeding, weighing and loading systems for fabricated chips (Pringle style)
  • Complete turnkey lines for stackable chips, from the exit of the fryer to loading into the cans


Extrusion Cooking Systems


As a further service Allied Industries can assist with Spare Parts and Service covering the complete production lines from WENGER Manufacturing Inc. which include - Extrusion Cooking /Coating / Drying / Cooling and Food Safety Solutions for Human, Petfood and the Aquatic Feed Industry.


Wenger Group of companies including their sister company Extru-Tech has become one of the world's leading suppliers of extrusion cooking systems for grain and food processing. Their broad range of products makes it possible for Wenger to match the extrusion machine(s) to the exact requirements of each customer, whether the application is:


  • Food - ready-to-eat cereals, pastas, snack foods, breadings, and textured vegetable proteins / textured soy protein (TVP and TSP)
  • Pet Foods and Treats - dry, semi-moist, high meat, co-extruded, multi-coloured, novelty shapes
  • Aquatic Feeds - floating, sinking, slow-sinking, and specialty products
  • Industrial - biodegradable packing material, oilseed processing, starch-based products, detergents


Wenger supplies complete systems, including pre-conditioners, forming extruders, single and twin screw extruders, thermal twin screw extruders (for products with high meat percentages) all with back pressure valves for the safe removal of dies, drum and spinning disc coaters, and sanitary dryers and coolers.


A key feature of Wenger's expertise is with regard to food safety and control of pathogens such as salmonella, which is a major concern for the human, petfood and aquatic feed industries.


Our clients in Australia and New Zealand include:


  • Soy Products
  • Taura Natural Ingredients
  • Griffins Biscuits
  • Uncle Tobys
  • Arnotts
  • Haigh's Chocolates
  • Koko Black
  • Cadbury
  • Nestle
  • Sugar Australia
  • George Weston Foods


Tray loading equipment Australia


Our range of equipment also extends to tray loading equipment for biscuits and cookies. We offer reliable and efficient solutions that are customised to particular needs and product requirements.


Our tray loaders provide several advantages such as:


  • Are compact and require minimal installation space
  • Eliminates manual work requiring several people to match the output of the oven
  • Integrated form and quality test of products by image processing system
  • And placed into trays or boxes with precision
  • Only requires a single operator
  • The cost savings are considerable, not to mention the risk to staff being virtually eliminated.
  • High standard of hygiene
  • Fast cleaning and maintenance by easy accessibility
  • First class customer service through the global service network
  • Excellent performance/price ratio


From chocolate moulds to sugar grinding machines, Allied Industries can assist with any of your processing technology and packaging system enquires. For more information about our services, call us now on +61 2 9437 0388.




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