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Allied Industries is a leading international supplier of specialist process technology and packaging systems.


From chocolate moulds to sugar grinding and flow wrap machines, our range of confectionery equipment includes:


  • Chocolate, confectionery, muesli bar and health bar production machinery
  • Automatic panning systems for sugar and chocolate articles (dragees, lentils, TV mix, Paris almonds, smarties)
  • Fine grinding and flaking machinery for food, pharmaceutical and chemical products
  • Packaging systems for confectionery, health bars, biscuits and baked goods
  • Packing machinery and robotic loading equipment for chocolate and biscuits
  • Specialist natural vanilla flavour ingredients for the confectionery industry


Our clients consist of many large and small manufacturers throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Confectionery Equipment and Chocolate Packaging


With over 30 years of experience, Allied Industries has built a trusted reputation as a leading representative for international suppliers of specialist confectionery equipment and chocolate packaging.


We are Australia's and New Zealand's number one destination for confectionery equipment and chocolate wrapping by providing a first class customer experience and giving expert advice on the most modern machinery available today.


Be it your chocolate mould or sugar grinding requirements, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are there to assist you.


Our supplier's specialist confectionery equipment and biscuit packaging is made in accordance with all the necessary requirements of confectionery manufacturers.


As well as chocolate wrapping, processing, moulding, enrobing and coating equipment and lines, Allied Industries can also assist in helping the implementation of our suppliers' confectionery and packaging equipment in Australia and New Zealand by:


  • Liaising with customers on new options for existing facilities
  • Organising consistent maintenance programs between suppliers and end users
  • Organising consistent visits by expert maintenance professionals
  • Providing assistance for disruption emergencies


Packaging Equipment


From flow wrap to chocolate block wrapping machines, Allied Industries in Sydney, Australia is a leading distributor of internationally manufactured packaging equipment.


Examples of our supplier's packaging equipment include:


  • Vertical form fill and seal machines with specialised systems for stick shaped products.
  • Lollipop forming and flow wrap machines
  • Chocolate wrapping machines for chocolate blocks, and wrapping machines for chewing gum
  • Biscuit packaging and automatic tray loading systems


Chocolate Packaging Machines


LoeschPack LRM/2-G and LRM-S fold-wrapping and chocolate packaging machines can sort and pack up to 1,000 neapolitans a minute.


Another example of a superb chocolate packaging machine is the LOMATIC feeding and distribution system, which offers:


  • A highly efficient, fully automatic system for feeding biscuits and cookies into trays and then wrapping machines
  • Full row and shape contents can be taken over, singled and discharged in rows
  • Outputs of up to 35 rows per minute at each transfer station in order to be able to handle the complete output of a biscuit oven.


Biscuit Wrapping and Packaging


At Allied, our suppliers ensure our biscuit wrapping and packaging machines are:


  • Hygienic. Designed for easy sanitation. Use of food grade plastics and stainless steel components.
  • Operator-friendly. Rapid and easy setup, size changeover, and process diagnostics with user friendly graphical HMI. Touch screen interface available on certain models
  • Flexible. Pack configurations may be changed rapidly with minimal downtime
  • Efficient. High degree of tolerance for varying wrapper structure and thickness
  • Reliable. Constructed for zero breakdown round-the-clock operation in the toughest plant and environmental conditions. Requires minimal maintenance that can be performed easily by low skilled technicians
  • Safe. Constructed to conform with internationally accepted safety guidelines
  • End-to-end. Product handling and secondary packaging solutions may be combined


From natural vanilla flavour requirements to latest flow wrap machines, we can assist with any of your processing technology and packaging system enquires. For more information call Allied Industries on +61 2 9437 0388.


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